Attendance Management FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Employee Attendance Management

What is the Online Sick Leave Reporting System?

UBC Human Resources has an online sick leave reporting system housed at to streamline the data submission process.

Who should report statistics using the Online System?

All departments and faculties should report statistics for staff (not faculty) in their unit. Currently, departments and faculties employing about 54% of staff full-time equivalents are reporting statistics using the on-line system.

We would like to see all departments and faculties use the on-line system to report sick leave. By increasing the number of departments and faculties reporting sick leave data, our benchmarks will be more reliable and representative of our staff and the more effective we can all be in managing absenteeism at UBC.

I have not reported statistics before. How do I begin using the system?

Deans, Directors and Department Heads: Please designate an Administrator to enter sick leave statistics for your work unit. The online system is housed at, and will require access to HRMS.

Administrators: To set up access, please complete the HRMS Access Request Form. In the Section “Access Requirements” please indicate whether the access is for a “specific unit only” or “specific unit and all units that report to it”. Please also indicate the department codes in the box on the right side of the form. Your manager should also sign the form.

Send a scanned copy of the form to

Once your access has been set up, you will be advised by email and system instructions will be forwarded. You can also download Online Sick Leave Reporting System instructions.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information, contact UBC Benefits by email or call 604-822-6823.

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