Short URLs in eRecruit

You can now access a shortened version of the address generated by eRecruit for job postings. This can be used/created by anybody, for print, web and social media uses.

How to access a short URL for an active posting:

1. Find the job ID, the unique 5-digit identifier on all jobs posted through eRecruit (seen below in red).

Click on the image to see the full size

2. Append the 5-digit job ID to one of the following: (for staff jobs) (for faculty jobs currently posted on UBC’s eRecruit system)

3. Your URL will look like this: or . When you enter this URL in a browser window, or click on the URL in an email, you will be taken directly to the job posting page, where users can go through the regular external application process. Internal candidates will need to continue to login to Self-Service to apply for jobs.

If you link to an invalid job ID, or to a posting which has expired, the browser redirects the user back to the Staff Careers page.

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