eRecruit Documentation: Faculty Relations

Approving Job Ads & Offers

Faculty Relations plays a key role at two points in the faculty recruitment process. The first point is when the job ad is created. The second point is when the offer is made. Faculty Relations is also notified by email when a foreign applicant is being hired so that they can initiate the immigration process.

Approving Job Ads

  • Once the recruiter has submitted the job ad, it is automatically forwarded to Faculty Relations via workflow.
  • Faculty Relations checks to ensure that the Ad meets the requirements for faculty employment and advertisements.
  • When Faculty Relations approves it, it will next be forwarded to the Vice Provost office also via workflow.

For more information, see the eRecruit training materials on Position Management.

Approving Offers

  • After a recruiter has completed a faculty offer, it is automatically submitted to the department/faculty approver. After this approval, faculty offers are checked by Faculty Relations and approved by the Vice Provost office.
  • Recruiters need to ensure they have uploaded all the necessary documentation to support the offer. Faculty Relations will check for this.
  • If everything is OK, Faculty Relations will print the offer and supporting documentation. They will enter the approval on behalf of the Vice Provost office.
  • Once this approval is noted in the system, the recruiter can move the applicant on to the hire process.

For more information, see the eRecruit training materials on Manage Applicants and Openings.

Foreign Hires

  • If a faculty/department decides to hire a foreign applicant, an email message is sent to Faculty Relations so they can initiate the immigration paperwork.
  • Although the recruiter can start the hire process, it is not possible to fully complete this step without a Social Insurance Number (SIN).
Updated July 2014

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