eRecruit Documentation: Benefits

Generating a Benefits Package Number

An important part of the offer process involves generating the offer letter. Offer letters, for both faculty and staff, contain a benefits package number. The applicant will use the benefits package number later when signing up for benefits in the Benefits Sign-on System.

UBC Human Resources Benefits unit holds responsibility for maintaining the benefits package rules within the system so that the correct package number appears on the offer letter.

  • The benefits package rules are actually maintained in three tables.
  • Two of the tables are almost identical. There is one for staff and one for faculty. These two tables contain rules regarding type of employment, e.g. hourly or monthly, FTE, appointment length, etc. Everyone who works at UBC must fit into one of the rules.
  • When the correct rule is found (matches the job opening), a package number is assigned.
  • The third table is not used in the offer process and, in fact, is not used anywhere in myCareers. This table describes specifically which type of benefits each rule is associated with (e.g., MSP, Dental, EFAP, etc.). This table may be used later if / when we automate benefits sign-on.
Updated July 2014

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