eRecruit Documentation: Approvers

Reviewing and Approving Postings and Offers

The departmental approver works in tandem with the departmental recruiter. An approver is responsible for reviewing and approving postings before they appear on the web, and for reviewing and approving offers.

  • The approver will receive an email each time a posting or offer is made by a department recruiter.
  • These emails will contain a hyperlink to guide the approver into the HRMS Worklist page.
  • Alternatively, an approver can sign on to HRMS and check the Worklist page manually.
  • Either way, this page contains a list of all the activities requiring approval.
  • On the Worklist page, each activity (posting, offer) is a hyperlink. When the hyperlink is clicked, the approver is taken to a page that contains the details of the activity.
  • The approver can then choose to either push the transaction back to the recruiter, or approve it. The approver can record comments regarding the decision on the transaction that the recruiter can see.
  • The approver cannot change any transaction.

For more detailed information, see the eRecruit training materials on Job Openings and Postings and Manage Applicants and Openings.

Updated July 2014

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