Position Management: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Oct. 6/10

Access Position Management

Q. Is there a special request form for access to Position Management?

A: To gain access to the new position management section, use the HRMS access form. There should be a section on it to request position access. Ensure that you have your manager approve and sign the form before you forward it to Human Resources. Download the HRMS access form.

Budget and Deadlines

Q: What is the expected deadline for having all positions reviewed in the new system?

A: It is tied to the 2011/12 budget development process. At some point, the budget information for your positions will be uploaded into the new Hyperion Budget system and will form part of your budget for the 2011/12 fiscal year. Check back for more information on the timeline on this item.

Q: Will the position management budget pieces be backdated to capture all of the 2010 financial year?

A: Your positions will be created based what your employees look like today. For example, if the last thing that happened to a person (salary adjustment, etc) was on July 1, then your position will be created as if it started on July 1. The most important timeline is the 2011/2012 fiscal year, as that will be the first year your positions will be used to formulate your budget.


Q. Is there a query that shows a list of all employees/positions in a given department with their position numbers? I have looked at the position management queries (“301_ALL_ACTIVE_POSITIONS” and “302_ALL_ACTIVE_POS_WITH_FUND”), and they both appear to require knowledge of a position number.

A: Use the employee data queries – “002_EMPLOYEE_SALARY_JOB_INFO” and “003_EMPLOYEE_SAL_JOB_INFO” should have this information.

NEW Q. I’m not certain how to use the results of Query “309_EE_WITH_INCONSISTENT_ACCT”, which lists inconsistent account information by employee.

A. This query is meant to highlight situations where you have established a position with funding from a specific speed chart, but the person you hired into the position was set up to be paid from a different speed chart. This query was design to bring these items to your attention, which will then allow you to address any positions that need correcting.

Appointment Types

Q. I originally thought that the cleanup referred to staff only at this time, but I see that position numbers have been assigned to certain faculty appointments as well. Could you please clarify whether cleanup applies to staff only or to faculty and staff?

A: Although a staff position was used to demonstrate the new Position system in training, Position Management applies to all types of positions at UBC (including staff, faculty and student employees).

Changes to End Date

NEW Q. I would like to change the end date of one of our positions. The position is ongoing, but we do an annual reappointment form for the staff member. What should I do?

A. Change the Position Type to ‘Staff – Ongoing Appointments’, then remove the ‘Position End Date’. Now go to the funding page and delete the funding row in its entirety and re-enter it. Click on the minus icon, just below the ‘Last’ hyperlink. You’ll see that the end date field is now blank. Re-enter the funding details.

Problems in Conversion

NEW Q. Some of my positions in eRecruit were duplicated during the conversion process. How can I delete the duplicated positions?

A. Positions can not be deleted if:

  1. They have ever been used in eRecruit
  2. The position number is attached to employee hire records in HRMS
  3. You have used the position number in the ‘Reports To’ field as is defined as part of your departmental hierarchy.

To remedy #2 above, you can first remove the position number from your employee hire records.

To remedy #3 above, you can first remove the position number from where its used in a ‘Reports To’ field.

You can not remedy #1. Once a position has been used in eRecruit it is permanent, even if you did not actually hire someone. If this is the case, then simply inactivate the position. It will stop appearing on reports and will no longer be available for use in eRecruit.

NEW Q. During the weekend conversion, one of my staff positions didn’t have a position number generated for her. What can I do?

A. If you have a position for which a position number wasn’t generated, you can create the position number yourself. Please contact us to clarify if any of your positions are missing numbers.

Employee Paid From More Than One Department

Q. We have one employee in our department whose home department in HRMS is not [my department], so I don’t have access to her employee record. We do need to track budget for her, even though we can’t access her HRMS department. Should I assign a position number for the part of her salary paid from our department?

A. The home department should add/maintain the position, and as things sit now are the only ones that can see the position. In the short term, communicate your funding information to them and have them update the position. We have logged a case with our programmers to extend position security access to non-home departments, but they didn’t have time to implement his prior to the go-live date. Hopefully, this feature will be implemented soon.

NEW Q. I have a Sessional Instructor whose home department is another department at UBC, but my department pays his salary. He does not show up on our lists because he has a different home department. Is there a way to include him on my listings and org chart?

A. At this point in time, there is no way to list an employee in more than one department. Our programmers are looking into this issue and hopefully we should have something in the next few months.

Funding Questions

Q: I have to change the funding data to one of my existing positions because the position is grant funded, and there is a new grant PG for the funding. If I update the funding data for the existing positions in Position Management system, do I also still submit a Staff Appointment form to authorize the Earnings Distribution since there is no electronic approval system set up?

A: Yes. Change the position first in the position management section of eRecruit, and then submit an appointment form to change the employee’s funding data.

Unpaid Positions

Q: Do we need to create a pool for unpaid positions? Visiting faculty, post-docs etc. who are here on unpaid appointments did not show up on the conversion list. Although they are not funded we still need to make an appointment, hence would we need a position number?

A: Creating positions for unpaid employees is optional. You might consider creating them if they were an integral part of your reporting hierarchy.

NEW Q. I have unpaid faculty in my department. How do I go about getting position numbers for them?

A. When we moved to the new system, we did not create positions for unpaid faculty (mostly clinical and adjunct). If you want positions for these people, you can create the positions yourself. Make sure you click on the Unpaid checkbox when you do so.

Position Pool

NEW Q. Is the position number tied to a job description or is the position number specific to an individual? If we have three staff who have the same position title and are on the same job description, would we give all three staff the same position number, or should each staff person get his or her own position?

A. It is up to you whether you want to use single or pool positions. To use a pool, the department code, job code and job description must be the same for everyone attached to the position. So, to answer your question more directly the position is attached to the job description, but the department and job code also play a role. Although positions play a big role in the new Budget process, they also are integral to the eRecruit system, and you can only have one job description attached to a position. The same job description would be used in the posting process to hire all the people pooled with a position.

Student Appointments

Q: We have about a number of grad students who have TA, GTA, or GRA appointments. When they are initially appointed we use our GPO account, however once the students are here and installed in their labs, we switch some of the funding to research accounts. How shall we do this around aligning a position with a PG when that changes over the year?

A; Although we created pool positions for all your students, student positions are also optional. None of our systems will insist on positions for students. You may decide to use student positions for those paid from GPO, and to not use them for research funded positions.

Q: How can I include position numbers on student appointment forms?

A: New Position Queries are available in the HRMS Reporting database. To run them, do the following:

  1. Go to the Query reporting tool in the HRMS Reporting database.
  2. Click on the Search button.
  3. On the resulting page, you will notice a “Folder View” drop-down list. Select “POSITION MGMT”.
  4. All the resulting Queries are new, and apply specifically to Position Management.

In the case above, Query “302_ALL_ACTIVE_POS_WITH_FUND” is the one you will need to run.

Staff on Leave

Q: I currently have some staff members on leave (either long-term disability or on maternity leave). These positions were migrated over and given a position number. However, there are currently other employees in those positions who were also given position numbers. Do I want one position with one number and a budget attached? If that is the case, do I leave the original position with the replacement employee transferred over? Do I make the person in the leave position dormant? How do I juggle one position with two people attached to it?

A: There are two options for this situation:

Option 1:

If the replacement person is in the exact same classification, then I would put both people in the same position. This will mean you will need to ask Payroll to change the position number for one of the employees, so that it will show up the same as for the other person. You can do this using an appointment form. You will need to delete on inactivate the extra position.

Option 2:

If the replacement person is a different classification, then you have no choice but to have them in two positions. However, on the funding screen, there is a comment field where you should make a note that the replacement position, which is likely a term position, was created as a backfill for the regular position. Give the position number of the regular position. This is so that in the future you will know why this position was created.

You could also do this even if the two classifications are the same, but in this case option one is better so that the two appointments are tied together.

NEW Q. I have an employee on leave, and another employee is working in our office in a leave replacement. Both positions are classified the same. What should I do with the position number?

A. If the replacement person is doing the exact same job (same department, same job code, same job description), then they should be hired into the original position (of the person on leave). This may look a bit odd for a while since both people will be associated with the same position.

If the replacement person’s job description or job code is different, then a new term position is required. However, you might want to make a note in the comments box on the second position (on the budget screen) to explain this is a leave replacement position for the original position.

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