Openings & Postings

These links describe the pages used to create opening, postings and reposts.

Applies to: Recruiters

Openings & Postings

Once a position is entered in Position Management, an Opening and Posting can be created. You can use a position you have just created, or one created months or years in the past.

  • First, an opening is created. You do this by identifying which position you want to use.
  • Most of the information you need for an opening comes from the position so there’s not much additional information to add (start/end dates of job, campus location, etc.).
  • Once the opening is created, you create the posting. Normally, an opening has just one posting. The posting is used to record the dates you want the posting to appear on the myCareers web site. If you need to repost, then an opening can have two or several postings attached to it (but they are all for the same job).
  • Postings require approval by a departmental approver. The recruiter receives an email when the approver has processed the posting. If the posting is approved, it will appear on the web site the following day.

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Updated July 2014

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