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Applies to: Recruiters | Advisory Services

General Information

Module: Manage Applicants and Openings
Page name:  Short-Listed Applicants
Purpose: Use this page to identify applicants for short listing. This is optional. However, short listed applicants will become available to your interview team in Self-Service where they can review resumes and see other applicant information.If you need to update your interview team members, go back to the main Manage Applicants page and click “Job Opening Details”. Update the interview team list, save your work, return to the main Manage Applicants page, and then proceed to short list your applicants.
Primary user: Recruiter
Workflow: None on this page
Used for staff:  Yes
Used for faculty: Yes

Short-Listed Applicants

Applicants Y A list of the applicants being short listed. You can short list individual applicants by using the Take Action column. You can short list several applicants at once by selecting the check box in the leftmost column of the applicant list and the group action field below the applicant list.
Select Status Y Y Status Code: The action that was taken for the applicant.
Status Reason: Select a reason for the routing. This is informational.


Button  Description
Submit Click this button to save your short list selections. Short listed applicants will be made available to your interview team.
Cancel Click this button to cancel your short list and return to the Job Opening page. You will be asked to confirm.

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Updated July 2014

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