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Applies to: Recruiters | Advisory Services

General Information

Module: Manage Applicants and Openings
Page name:  Pre-Hire Checklist
Purpose: Using this page is optional. It provides a checklist of documents that you may need to upload as part of the offer. The list covers both faculty and staff. You can use this checklist as follows:

  • Use the checklist in a formal manner. In this case, update the Briefing Status and Status Date fields as you upload each document.
  • Use the checklist in a less formal manner. In this case, use the list as a reminder, but don’t record what you’ve upload.
Primary user: Recruiter
Workflow: None on this page
Used for staff:  Yes
Used for faculty: Yes

Applicant Information

Checklist Date Y Y This field defaults to today’s date.
Responsible ID Y The employee ID of the person responsible for the checklist (usually the recruiter). Click the magnifying glass to search by name.
Comment Y Enter any comments regarding the pre-hire checklist for the applicant.

Checklist Item

Sequence Y The checklist is predefined. Each item in the checklist is numbered sequentially. You don’t normally need to do anything with this column.
Item Code Y Each checklist item is identified by a unique code. You don’t normally need to do anything with this column.
Description Y Each checklist item has a description. You don’t normally need to do anything with this column.
Briefing Status Y Use this column to record the status of each checklist item. Status options include Uploaded, Requested, Initiated, and N/A (not applicable).
Plus and Minus Icons Y Use these icons to add or remove checklist items.

Hyperlinks and Buttons

Hyperlink/Button  Description
Save Click this button to save your updates to the checklist.
Cancel Click this button to cancel what you were doing on the Pre-Hire Checklist page. If you had changes in progress, you will be asked to save or abandon them.
Return to Previous Page Click this hyperlink to return to the Manage Applicants page.

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Updated July 2014

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