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These links describe the pages used to manage your applicants after the posting is closed.

Applies to: Recruiters

Managing Applicants

This is where you can see the electronic applications made to your postings. You can see whether applicants are internal versus external. You can access their resumes and other application information. This is where you will shortlist, set up interviews, and make offers.

  • Although you can see applications immediately, you cannot do much with them until the posting is closed. The one exception to this is faculty job openings. You can take action on any faculty job applicants at any time.
  • You can download applicant details into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the ‘Download Applicant List’ hyperlink.
  • The system will automatically prioritize your applications (staff job openings only).
  • For CUPE 2950 and CUPE 116 jobs, Human Resources (HR) must first check that recalls and duty-to-accommodate applicants have been prioritized correctly. Even if the posting has closed, if HR has not done this step, your applicants will not be fully accessible to you.
  • You can then proceed to shortlist/route your applicants. You do not have to shortlist, but only shortlisted applicants will be available to your interview team (they can see them in Self-Service).
  • You can set up interviews. Again, you do not have to do this step. However, it is mandatory for Recalls (CUPE 2950).
  • You can make an offer. The system will auto-generate an offer letter and email it to you.
  • You can upload common applicant documents, such as signed offer letters, immigration documents, and resumes on the applicant’s behalf and reference letters (which your interview team members can see in Self-Service).
  • You will need your departmental approver to approve an offer before you can proceed to hire an applicant. In some cases (M&P where the offer is at or over the maximum salary for the range, faculty, internal CUPE 2950), the offer must be approved centrally by UBC HR or Faculty Relations.
  • The recruiter will receive an email regarding the status of the approval, once the approvers have finished.

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Updated July 2014

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