Position Management

The links on this page describe the pages used to create and maintain positions and job ads in Position Management.

Applies to: Recruiters

Position Management

This is the starting point for the posting process. A posting cannot take place unless the job description is first placed in Position Management. The good news is that once the job description in the position is created, very little additional information is required to post it. So, in a way, all the hard work is done up front.

  • Once a job description is placed in Position Management, it can be used over and over again as a position becomes vacant over time.
  • Some positions need to be classified/approved by Human Resources (HR) or Faculty Relations (M&P, BCGEU, faculty). These positions will be automatically forwarded to HR or Faculty Relations, if this is the case, you will not be able to post these jobs until this approval is obtained.
  • The other positions do not need this classification/approval step and the position can be moved to the Opening/Posting step immediately.
  • Position Management can be used as a repository for all positions, not just those currently being posted or advertised.

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Updated July 2014

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