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The links on this page describe the pages used when applying to staff postings and faculty job ads.

Applies to: Applicants

View & Apply for UBC Jobs

Applicants use the myCareers web page to view and apply for UBC postings (staff) and job ads (faculty).  Applicants also use myCareers to create and maintain a profile containing contact information, store a history of uploaded resumes (staff) and CVs (faculty), and create/save job searches.

Current and Former UBC Faculty and Staff

  • It is very important that current and former UBC employees access the myCareers site via Faculty and Staff Self-Service. In addition to the myCareers application’s ability to take advantage of existing  contact information in HRMS (decreasing the need for manual entry), it is also very important to ensure that internal rights are recognized for applicable unionized positions.   After an application is submitted, hiring departments can see information about the applicant’s relationship with UBC (if none, then ‘External Applicant’ displays).
  • A CWL account is required to access Self-Service.

Non-Employees (Never Worked at UBC)

  • Non-employees access the postings via a public-facing version of myCareers.
  • An ID and password can be created to protect your contact information and application history.
  • Your ID must be an email address.

All Applicants

  • The myCareers page is used to apply for jobs on all campus sites (Point Grey, Okanagan, Robson Square, etc.).  The campus location is noted on each posting.  The postings can be sorted in several ways, including by campus location (click the column heading name to sort).
  • Faculty ads and staff postings are separated.  This means that the Self-Service links (current UBC employees) and the public links (non-employees) have 2 options: Faculty Ads, and Staff Postings.
  • The status of each application can be viewed.
  • Resumes/CVs may be updated at any time during the application process.
  • Applications can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Searches can be created and run real-time.  They can be saved and run at a later date.  You can instruct the system to auto-run your saved searches each night and email you if anything is found.
  • If you are an employee, you update your profile information via the existing Self-Service screens.  If you are a non-employee, you can update your profile directly in the myCareers profile page.

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