eRecruit FAQs: Advisory Services

Approving Offers

Q.  Which offers require approval, and why?

CUPE 2950, CUPE 116, and BCGEU Okanagan. They need to be checked to ensure the correct step and salary has been applied by the recruiter.

Manage Recalls, Placements & Duty to Accommodate Applicants

Q.  Why is it important to update this information into recruiting?

It’s used to prioritize the applicant list that the recruiter sees.

Applicant Prioritization

Q.  When do I play a role in this?

CUPE 2950 and BCGEU Okanagan applicants are not automatically released to departmental recruiters until you click the ‘Applicant Prioritization Complete’ check box. Check that DTA and recalls have been accommodated first, and check their priority. Change the priority, if necessary.

Foreign Hires

Q.  I received an email regarding a foreign hire. What do I do?

If a faculty/department hires a foreign applicant, an email message is sent to Advisory Services so they can initiate the immigration paperwork.

Reviewed July 2014

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